Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This time of year is always a bit weird for me. As a kid I loved going back to school - I loved school in general, was a smart assed teacher's pet most of the time, led protests against teachers and the administration, and generally enjoyed myself, even though I felt like an outsider most of the time. At work, the summer and fall have no different feel at all. It's kind of anti-climactic. There really isn't anything to look forward to. Oh sure, vacation time is great, but when you have no plans to go anywhere, again, no high point there.

I've recently started a weight loss program, the aim being to stick around this earthly realm longer than if I were fat and unhealthy. Instead of sitting during The Boy's activities, I walk. I drink more water, and log everything I eat. I’ve cut back in small ways, and it has made a difference, hopefully to lower my Blood Pressure as well.

I've also taken on the responsibility to figure out a budget. MDH and I are particularly bad at this, but I figure, if I log everything we spend, we should be able to at least SEE where it all goes, and maybe in a couple of months be able to make some small changes that will also lower my blood pressure and stress level related to money.

Over the last three days, I picked at least 100 pounds of apples off of our tree, peeled, cored, and sliced them and made applesauce and 19 apple pie fillings which are now sitting in a freezer. I made one of the pies last night (really a galette) and the filling turned out quite yummy! I didn't measure, just did it all by eye and smell and taste, so I'm sure they will all be different, which is kind of exciting! AND I'm not feeling so wasteful, AND I may be able to trade some for other things from friends - kind of cool.

I've been working on a blog for The Boy's school and not really sure whether I can do what I want without making everyone authors for all of the blogs. Does anyone know, off hand if I can make one Blog the parent of others, so that I can send one invitation, and have those same people auto approve for the child blogs? I'll be searching Blogger news and buzz later, but if anyone has successfully done this, please let me know. The issue is that I want them all to be invitation only, as to preserve the privacy of the students.

Work is actually getting better, as a new person has offered to help with the things I hate to do - so I should be happier soon!

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Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Yeah for the weight loss program. That is awesome. Come check us out!