Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tableau Tuesday and other tooth related stuff

Today The Oldest got braces and a palate spreader (collective ouch), and The Youngest in a fit of feeling left out pulled another baby tooth out of his head. It was already loose, and should have come out last week, so it' didn't really bleed, and now they can both enjoy their milkshakes.

From J9 and stuff

I had to send the orthodontic office manager an e-mail when we got home because; well I'll let the e-mail text speak for itself:
                    Because I wasn't paying near enough attention to The Oldest's ACTUAL teeth
                    choosing instead to focus on HOW to operate the palate spreader, I
                    failed to notice that he has brackets on nearly every upper tooth.
                    Last week, my understanding was that he would have 4-6 teeth with
                    brackets (2-4 in the front, and the 2 in the back for the spreader).
                    Please reply with why he has so many brackets after today's
                   appointment, so that I can explain to my husband that I actually do
                   pay attention to our children and their heath...
I have to wonder how this will go over, because they don't really know my personality yet. Last week when I came home and told MDH about the braces and spreader, I was assured that I had not asked enough or the right questions (having been unable to acertain exactly what MDH would want to know). So he went the following day, had his questions answered (but didn't share those questions or answers with me), and today was braces day. I honestly have no clue why the kid has a mouth full of metal, but I was extremely relieved that he had a positive experience which I think is partially due to the Motrin I made him take when I picked him up from school. So now I know how to tighten the screws on his spreader (reminiscent of the inquisition if you ask me). And I need to start thinking like MDH when it comes to orthodontics. I'll give MDH the benefit of the doubt. I do not ask that many questions of the orthodontist. I wonder if it has to do with my own level of discomfort with orthodontics, and my experiences as a child with neck gear, braces (twice) and retainers. Maybe I'll just have MDH take The Oldest to all of his appointments. I wrote the above yesterday, and today I'm not as frustrated at all. The office manager wrote back:
                     You are so funny. Tell your husband you do pay attention and I will support 
                     that. Dr.J just added addtional brackets. Please let your husband know that 
                     he can call Dr.J at anytime with questions. We never mind.
                      Have a great day
Clearly these folks get my humor which makes me feel all sorts of better!
Oh, and Monday's shopping trip? Netted me 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans, all in the next smaller size!!!


iasa said...

YAY for smaller clothes and milkshakes. Ooo braces, not happy times those.

Anonymous said...

Congrats J9! Me

Pamela Waterman said...

Ask them, for sure - no such thing as a dumb question, right? And if you need ideas beyond milkshakes, check out the website of the American Association of Orthodontists, at, under Just for Kids/ Recipes.

Scriptor Senex said...

You do so much better at making your teeth pretty / handsome on your side of the Atlantic. On TV you can often tell instantly if someone is British by the poor look of their teeth. Hopefully we'll catch you up one day.
P.S. Looking forward to seeing you on Soaring through the World in Pictures.