Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

Another busy-ish weekend, with some fun thrown in for good measure.
Friday was my first day of this year volunteering in the boy's class for art, and we always start the year with field trip shirts. For the 2 previous years we used sun reactive dyes, which are really very cool. If you've never even heard of them, go here and check them out! This summer I agonized over different idaes, and ran them by the other art moms (yes, this year there are 3 - totally AWESOME). One of the other art moms had a bunch of ideas, and the one that sounded the coolest was tying pennies into the shirts, then using spray bottles to paint with watered down fabric paint. I suggested we keep the kids to either warm or cool colors, and one of the teachers had us painting with watercolors ahead of time to understand warm vs. cool colors. Friday we had Kindy's and Firsts, and the shirts look great! I was exhausted! This Friday will be 2nd and 3rds which should be a bit easier. And the following week will be just a catch all for the ones that missed the first 2 weeks.
Saturday, we awoke to the dog pacing the house in abject terror over the lightning and thunder storm which started at 2am and didn't stop until after daybreak - I even got off one semi decent shot of the lightning - you'll see that tomorrow. Then, all 4 of us spent the day cleaning the house top to bottom, and everything in between. The Boys got all of their toys put away in their room, and the office/playroom. MDH cleared all of his paperwork from the kitchen table, living room, our room, and the kitchen counter. He also folded an put away his laundry and swept and vaccumed. I managed to mop, (The Oldest dusted) clean the bathrooms, clear the paperwork from our dresser and the 2 desks I occupy, and the rest of the laundry, and change linens all around. The Youngest had a soccer game at 3, which was cancelled due to the minute amount of rain in the morning. All of the cleaning was in preparation for having 2 couples over for appetizers before an 8pm dinner reservation at Simply Fondue. MDH has been friends with the men since Elementary and Junior High School, and one of the wives also went to High School with us. It was a really fun evening getting to know one another, and the food was incredible! If you've ever been to a nice (and expensive) fondue restaurant, you know what I mean. The waitress was a bit off kilter, and funny. She asked how we all knew each other and when I replied that was an interesting question, she said, "Oh, Swingers." We all started laughing hysterically, because it was completely out of the blue, and I'm still not sure whether to take it as an insult or a compliment! Of course it may have been that we were in a private room, or the proximity to the local porn shop, but still... The conversation was good, the people are really nice and fun, and the food was delicious. We didn't get home until after midnight, and The Boys were sleeping over at Oma's.
Sunday I had a slight food hangover - not having eaten rich foods in quite a while. I also was not really hungry all day. The Youngest had soccer pictures, and because all of the cleaning and laundry was already done, it was a nice relaxing day. MDH had a soccer game at night, and The Boys had baths and read. The lack of sleep from Saturday didn't catch up to me until Sunday night and this morning, when I had a hell of a time getting out of bed and getting to work!

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