Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tableau Tuesday - 9/29/2009

Yesterday I took several photos of myself sitting in my backyard for a bio on Soaring Through the World in Pictures. You see, as a photographer I have very few photos of myself, and none that are recent and also flattering. So I did what any self respecting person would, set up my tripod, grabbed my remote, sat down and shot away. Most of them were unflattering, some were ok, and I ended up realizing that even though I've lost 17 pounds, I still look fat on camera (no lie there - I still am fat). And so, I photoshopped a few more pounds off of myself - not enough so that you wouldn't recognize me, but at least I'm happier with the end result - and here, I'll even show you the before and after, and you can see for yourself.
Before - not bad, not great, see the remote?

From J9 and stuff
After - Cropped and lighting adjusted

From J9 and stuff
The next one up is with my fur butt cat, who cannot resist a sunny lap See the really unflattering shadows and my arm? MY GOD! that is THE worst view for my arm.

From J9 and stuff
And once I adjusted lighting and contrast, and cropped the fat arm out - still not happy with my hair, but a bit better. Really more a photo of the cat:

From J9 and stuff
And the one eventually used. Before - Wow, fat neck, fat arms, but I liked my smile.

From J9 and stuff
And after adjusting lighting, contrast, cropping, and taking my arm in a tad and my neck in on both sides:

From Soaring Through The World In Pictures


Doreen said...

looks like fun to take pics of yourself. great photos of you and nice to know what you look like!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Oh yeah I am for real going to do this!
You are beautiful. You are not fat. I love your cat. And I love your hair. And you have freckles just like me!

Simply Heather said...

I agree with Noe Noe Girl. You're beautiful, you're not fat and I love your red hair, freckles and smile!

I ALWAYS wanted freckles when I was young...thought they were they brought out character in a person.

My oldest has freckles on his cheeks :)

I like how you've cropped and edited the photos but your original was beautiful too!

You ought to look through my archives...I shared some really goofy pic's of me once upon a time...just for the fun of it all :)

Nice post!

iasa said...

You have a great smile. And I get the feeling you are not afraid to use it!

Sara Williams said...

You are lovely, your hair is lovely and such a nice colour. I love your cat too xx

JMK said...

How great to be able to see you again after what, six years? You look younger than you did then and I forgot what beautiful hair you have! I'm a redhead now too. I think I was still blond on the picture you took of me.

Great idea to take pictures of yourself. I'd like to see more. The lighting and cropping changes are interesting. When I took a digital photography class, I had such a hard time figuring out how to do that!!

prashant said...

You are not fat. I love your cat. And I love your hair. And you have freckles just like me!
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Anonymous said...

Woman -- You are NOT fat, but rather an individual who chooses not to be pencil thin! You are stunning and some of us who know you realize how much your inner beauty compliments that which is on the outside. Today is one of those days where I am totally missing you -- both from a boss perspective and from a Alameda versus Calaveras perspective. Thanks for reminding me -- on all fronts -- just what I'm missing. I'm going to go cry in my "Cakebread" now.