Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning Music and Weekend Wrap Up

So I know I haven't posted in a week. Shameful. I let Wicked Wednesday and Thoughtful Thursday slide on by. I will say that I was busy last week. On Tuesday, I joined a new meetup group for beach volleyball, which necessitated a two day recovery after about 15 years of not playing the sport. On Wednesday, I drove on a field trip for The Youngest, and had 4 different places to be between school letting out and bedtime  Was trying to figure out if people I thought had made passes at me previously really are interested, or if it was my wishful thinking. Probably wishful thinking, and know I need to move onto people who might actually date me. Thursday was swim practice and homework with The Boys, and Friday was me driving on another field trip.

Friday's field trip was to the zoo, and for the older kids, that involved answering a six page scavenger hunt about the animals there. We were reading all of the plaques and didn't even get to a section of the zoo during our time there. Friday morning, on the way to school, saw the daughter of a friend, and a couple of other kids in a not so safe place, with one of their bikes upside down. I had to do two u-turns to get back to them, but one of the bikes lost it's chain, and I put it back on - which was kind of a pain because there is a chain guard, and it is a beach comber with back pedal braking. Ended up with greasy fingers, and The Youngest being late to school. He complained all the rest of the way to school, but I told him that it didn't matter, because if you see a friend needs help, you stop and help. Got to school to find two of the kids needing to complete multiple chapters of math in order to be able to go, so I corrected their work as they were doing it, and we departed the school 45 minutes late for the field trip, which caused additional bitching by The Youngest, but much appreciation from the two impacted kids. You know what? I felt AWESOME - like a fucking superhero! Friday night, I went to a middle school fundraiser, and I need to remember not to go to the bookstore alone during a fundraiser. Bought a journal, and the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, and another book that looked interesting.

Saturday - got up early and went to Treasure Island for their monthly flea market with a friend and one of her friends. There was a ton of vintage stuff and just wandering around all day, eating from food trucks, and bought a couple of things. Met a bunch of really cool folks and saw lots of things I wanted, but not really needed. Was creatively inspired by so much that I felt overwhelmed at one point. Also did NOT find the scavenger hunt item... My one take away from the day was "Mail Order Moss". Came home and napped, because I was exhausted. Picked up The Youngest in the evening for Sunday's activities. Took him to froyo, and we just chilled out on the couch until bed.

Sunday - Got up early for a day off and took The Youngest to a fencing tournament - also on Treasure Island. He liked it well enough, but was a bit bored because he wasn't competing, nor was anyone he knew. He did convince me to buy him a glove, which he is pretty stoked about. I have to look up the scoring for fencing, as it's been too long since I fenced, and it was for such a short amount of time, that it is no longer anywhere in my accessible memory. We went to lunch on the way home, and I dropped him back at The Dude's. Took the dogs for a walk when I returned, and it was pretty warm (90 degrees), so I let them walk in the creek, and I crossed it, managing to stay on my feet, despite having to cross on moss covered rocks. They had baths when we returned, and I finished laundry. A good tired for all of this, and feel accomplished even though my house is still a disaster, the kitchen table crowded with recent mail, homework and book acquisitions.

Oh, and some music to start off your week:

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