Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend started in an AWESOME way. I signed papers at the lawyer to move the divorce along. I received good news at a school district meeting, I took the art class outdoors in spectacular weather. I met with my CPA to sign off and send past taxes - which were likely going to result in not owing any $$$$, and was feeling absolutely positive about life.

Then I called the IRS. I only called to obtain the appropriate addresses for all of these past tax years.

The woman was VERY pleasant and helpful. The thing that sent me into my bottle of Tangueray Rangpur was what she told me:

Content removed intentionally

So, Friday night I ended up pouring myself a nice tall Gin & Tonic. It was really good, it went down really easily, and it helped me feel way more chill. I called The Boys to say good night at bedtime  and The Dude did not pick up his phone. He did text 45 minutes later, and when I replied, I asked if The Boys were in bed. Did not hear from him or them.

Saturday, I received a return text at 8AM. When I was dead asleep. On a Saturday morning. When all I wanted to do was sleep in. The Dude said he just saw my text from the previous night. Asked if I wanted to have The Boys call me. I did not want to even have my eyes open at that time of day, so I ignored the text and tried to go back to sleep. Unsuccessful at the attempt, I got up, took care of the dogs, cleaned my bathroom, started laundry and coffee, read the news, and took a shower. I knew I had to get to the post office today, so getting dressed took a higher priority than any other Saturday morning. The Boys called at 10:45 when I was getting dressed. We talked for a bit. The Youngest had a wipe out on his bike. The Oldest had completed math homework. I was actually doing ok, and still wrapping my head around what the conversation about those past tax years would look like.

Then I went to the post office. First I had to buy envelopes and ink cartridges, but ultimately, I was headed to the USPS.

This happened while I was there. If you are not on twitter, read from the bottom up - Too lazy to rearrange for you:
All I kept thinking while in line was, "Why is this person not standing at least 2 feet back. Seriously? If anything hits the back of my neck I am going to snap and slap her. Hard." I could literally feel her on my back. Her mouth breathing was making the hair on the back of my neck move. Then I finally get out to my car, pull onto the street, and at the very next light, I get a lungful of cigarette smoke. I was so beyond hating all humanity at that point - angry and bitter.

I took a break to clear my head after grocery shopping, spent some time doing laundry and on line. I then shot the daughter of a friend leaving for prom. Some of those will be in Tableau Tuesday tomorrow. Went to BFF's house and had a margarita before heading home.

Sunday was pretty mellow. Stuff around the house including full water change of the aquarium after the first 5 fish didn't make it an entire month. Also baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and roasted beets for the week. Considered planting a couple of tomato plants, straightening out the climbing roses, strawberries and basil. The garden shop was having a huge sale, but ended up napping and talking to a dear friend instead. Her birthday is today and I hope she feels loved and taken care of!

Also realized that my annoyance at humanity was related to frustrations this week, coupled with a pause in gratitude journaling. So I sat down in the evening and just did a complete anger journaling brain dump, followed by gratitude and affirmations.

Also discovered Aunt Barbara this weekend, and if you know anything about my penchant for drag, you will understand why I am completely smitten:
Your Aunt Barbara

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