Monday, April 22, 2013

Music Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

For the last week, The Boys have been requesting the following:

The first time I played it for them, at their request, about half way through, The Oldest says, "Mom, you know there is a clean version of this." I replied, "Yeah, this isn't it."

On to the recap weekend:
Friday - Plans were to go to the newly opened Exploratorium on Sunday, but in order to actually be able to do that, The Boys had to complete any homework due Monday. There was much wrenching of hands and knashing of teeth, but homework was indeed completed.

Saturday - The Elementary School carnival was all day. We went a little early and all three of us volunteered, got a tiny bit sunburnt, and had fun. Pictures tomorrow. After arriving home, I took a nap, and felt even worse after waking up. Likely had a bit of heat exhaustion. Drank a ton of water, and went to pizza and yogurt with a couple of friends. We all laughed a ton and it was exactly what I needed.

Sunday - After such a long day on Saturday, we slept in. No one wanted to get out of pajamas, or shower, or really do anything. The Oldest was distraught when he figured out that we weren't going anywhere at noon. Instead, I did laundry, The boys vacuumed and weeded and straightened up. I went grocery shopping and bought stuff for the yard. My mini garden will start this week with tomatoes, basil and strawberries. Also bought an arbor to get the climbing roses off the path in back. Plus soil, and tomato cages. Going to try right side up this time, after years of upside down tomato plants. Went to my folks' for dinner, stopped at Sis' afterward, and we're finally home and in bed and ready for the week ahead.

And we are going to go into the week with what initially drew me to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis:

Have a good week all!

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