Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deep Breathing

So I felt like curling up in a ball today. I was only in the office for an hour and a half. Between having to wait for my mom to get to swimming for my kids and going to lunch with friends, and knowing that I'd probably not make it back to the office before having to pick up the kids... However, during that time I was called out on a conference call for giving an answer to someone that was not what people wanted to hear. What they failed to ask, or even care to understand is that the person who asked for my guidance wanted to be hand held and only wanted a checklist, but the real answer and method of doing this actually takes more thought than that. Unfortunately no one has time to think anymore, they just want to be told what to do.
Following that uplifting experience, I was slammed in an e-mail for not answering another person when in fact I had sent out the request and was waiting for an answer. So a peer got the answer and sent it, and the requester complained to my boss. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! I really wish they would just let me do my job and stop piling all this additional stuff on me!
The lunch took 3 hours - mostly because I had verbal diarrhea and just needed to get it all off my chest. I was exhausted after that, but because I also had to take the boys to TKD this afternoon, I have been working since dinner on the actual deliverables for my job. at 11:30 pm, the system I needed went down for maintenance. I was only 2 items away from completion, so I'll have to finish tomorrow morning, but I wanted to get it done tonight.
And because this really does fill me with such joy:

I'll get to the weekend wrap up (maybe), but since I didn't have any photos I wanted to wait to get them from the person who did shoot. I had fun though, and The Boys swam really well - I'm very proud of them! And The Dude was grumpy and sat listening to his iPod, unplugged from the people around him, but what's new about that...


GingerV said...

sonds like it is margarita time. or maybe a walk in the woods, or a sit on the veranda looking out over silence. jobs - not the people at a job - can rally be a pain. have a better day today, okay?

GingerV said...

boy trying to type before coffee - the last sentence is 'jobs - no the people at the job - can really be a pain' sorry!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaargh to days like that! I hope that today is better! I agree with GingerV - it might be time for maragritaville!