Thursday, June 25, 2009


Gordon won this game no doubt
a flashlight handle he figured out!Guess the item pictured here
It will help you see clear
We have them in the Pacific Northwest
Can we see who guesses best?


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

it's a sun reflector

Anonymous said...

I thought the same way
That Noe Noe did
So for something different,
It's a curtain, I bid

J9 said...

Not a reflector nor a cutain
I'm afraid to say
One thing's for certain
It will help you find your way

Kerry said...

Breathe in breathe out,
My YOGA MAT is where
I pray.

J9 said...

Ah Kerry I do debate
this would not allow to meditate

Patty said...

Ah, I came here for your Friday shoot out. Did we lose you, gal?

You know I am so bad with these riddles. It is a color of the rainbow, though.

Shoot me an email one day.

Have a great Sunday.

Gordon said...

Unlike the guesses by these lasses,
Is it a wiper or holder for your glasses?

Gordon said...

My guess today, for you, J9
Is down a different line.
Not a bad guess for a blogger,
A windshield cleaner or defogger.
Where are you, Ms. Whatzit Queen?
Show your face and be seen!

J9 said...

Not a wiper, nor a holder
These guesses are getting older
NOthing to do with ars at all
Ii must be time for you to fall
Another hint I will dare delight
This Whatzit helps you at night

Gordon said...

It must be a attached to a light, instead.
Is it a holder of light on your head?

Gordon said...

I've never seen one in blue tint.
Perhaps it is a filament. (mantle)

J9 said...

Gordon, you are right
it is a holder of light
Not on your head as you suggest
Can you manage the rest of the guess?

Gordon said...

I must admit, I'm quite perplexed.
What should I venture next?
A flasjlight handle guess would be a maverick,
Because, it appears to be made of fabric.
The covering of a candle.
Is a guess I cannot handle.
The globe of a lamp,
Makes my stomach cramp.
Perhaps a Tiki Torch
Holder on the porch.
I don't have faith in any of these.
You have put me in a squeeze.

J9 said...

A maverick you may be
but right on target as you see
this handle is from a maglite
which helps you see in the night!