Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Patty was very close
But Iasa is the one to boast
A Mossy Chiton is what you see
Here in California by me!

So, I participate in some challenges that are not based on submitting photos. One of those is a WHATZIT Challenge started by Gordon. I also follow Question of the Day. I've found that I like puzzles, and even completed the Locked Room in about a week, with the help of a couple of cheats. They keep my mind moving, and I gain satisfaction from solving these.

In honor of Gordon, I am starting my own WHATZIT. I need a better name than ripping off Gordon's, so send suggestions my way, but for now it is J9 WHATZIT, and if you can guess the item in rhyme even better, though not required!

Guess the item pictured here
It is not an item to hear
We have them in the Pacific Northwest
Can we see who guesses best?


Anonymous said...

I will guess
Based on your rhyme
An earbug
Or bug that's lime!

iasa said...

What's a girl to do
I have no clue!
I wouldn't want to find that on my camping cot,
It's a big pile of bigfoot snot!

Patty said...

It's a J9whatzit1.jpg.
Wadda you think of me?

I read how you cheated on Gordon's site, but told the truth
that made it right.

I wouldn't cheat,
and with no idea,
I wanted to find out
if it it lived in your ear.

You are so cool with puzzles, gal!

Where you been?

J9 said...

Audrey, you are off this time
A creature it is, but not of lime
Iasa - you made me laugh
Bigfoot would sqash this fast
Patty - I would only hope
that this didn't make it to my ear, nope!
And now a clue for you to see
This creature lives in and near the sea.

Patty said...

I showed it to my husband.
He knows it from the sea
from way down in the Bahamas
on rocks he says, we see.

He says that it is ancient,
but the name he can't recall.
So that's as close as we can get
is that close at all?

iasa said...

It is not a bug
It is not a slug
It has no thumbs to spin a dreidel
It is a poor sea cradle
If you are in the water sightin'
You might spot this Chiton?

1. this is too much fun
2. My rhymes suck

3. I still think it's bigfoot snot

J9 said...

Patty you were close
But Iasa is the one to boast
A Mossy Chiton is what you see
Here in California by me!

Butler and Bagman said...

I like Patty's answer but am surprised she didn't calculate the dpi. I think it's a seashell...I use to know the name and would have said a chiton but that was in the hint so it can't be. Either that or a russian hat.

Butler and Bagman said...

PS: By the end of the weekend, I am going to be very upset that I ever clicked on the locked room...I love those things. I hate those things. I love those things. I hate those things. GAAAAH!

(I have bookmarked the page which will be my downfall.)

Gordon said...

I think you should call yours WHATZIT, not to confuse.
And, also think other Shooters should also use,
The name to give it a try.
How many whatzit posters, bye and bye,
Could join the whatzit poster ctaze.
What fun it would be, every day.

Gordon said...

I'm soory I have been inactive recently.
It is not from indecency.
I've been just covered up with work.
After tomorrow, I will not shirk,
And, will be back in the whatzit craze,
And, you will, the white flag, have to raise.

Ed said...

I'm too late, maybe next time..:-)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I'll catch ya next time too!