Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wednesday Morning Weekend Wrap Up and Tableau Tuesday

Another lost weekend! It all started on Thursday. The Boys' class had an overnight camping trip to Pescadero. I took two days off of work (which necessitated working until 1am all days preceding the trip, as well as hours over the weekend catching up).

Thursday - Left The Dude at home, packed everything up and headed to the coast. Spent the morning on a Marsh hike looking at restoration efforts, and learned about Dodder. Had lunch on the cliffs overlooking the sea lions and the Monterey Bay. Even spied a ring around the sun! Spent the afternoon at the tide pools looking at starfish and anemones. Watched and helped The Boys set up the tent, had dinner, and hung out around the campfire listening to stories and watching skits.

Friday - Breakfast at camp and a redwood hike, followed by lunch and packing up to come home. The Youngest got carsick on the way home, and barfed up the Doritos, Cheetos, and Hawaiian Punch he had with lunch, then he slept all the way home (which took about an hour longer than it should have). Got to swim pictures with enough time for The Boys to change, shower and swim off the grime from camping. Rushed from there to final dress for The Oldest's theatrical debut. Got home with just enough time to shower and change for opening night, also had to get a tired and whiny Youngest ready to go. Opening night was really cool, grandparents, an aunt and uncle, cousins and a classmate were all there, and Sis even brought flowers - He is really completely at home on stage, and did an excellent job. Had to bribe the Boys for a weekend night with no movie because:

Saturday - The Dude had to work and The Youngest's final baseball game of the season was at 9:00, we were there at 8:30 for warm ups - which I had to use a donut bribe to get to on time! The end of season potluck and BBQ immediately followed with trophies and good food, sodas and playing on the playground. Got home mid afternoon, and tried to clean and do laundry, but didn't get far before it was time to drop The Boys at Oma's house for a sleep over and make it out to a friend's 40th birthday party.

Sunday - Finally got to sleep in, picked up The Boys at 11:00, so that I could drop The Oldest for closing matinee at 11:30. This one I video taped, and it was just as cute, and he did well again. A few more friends from school came, and we stayed at the nearby park to play for a couple of hours following the show. Once home, I worked for a couple of hours and had dinner, the rest of the laundry and even more cleaning that didn't get done. Did I mention that next weekend, when there is no theater, no baseball, and not yet a swim meet, I'm having a garage sale? I HAVE to get through all the crap and get it together to sell. GAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here it is Wednesday, late and I'm trying to just stay afloat in this sea of household chores - head barely above the surface, and yet am I doing any of the things on my list? Oh, no, I'm typing a blog. Hmmm - wonder why I'm so easily distracted.....

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iasa said...

the camping trip sounds fun, except for that vomiting part. After the last few busy weeks you've had, a garage sale might be a bit of a staycation.