Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monday Afternoon Weekend Wrap Up

Another busy weekend!
Thursday was spent cleaning bathrooms, and taking apart The Boys bedroom in search of the DS that has been missing for 5 weeks. No dice, so my next adventure will take on another room in the house. The Dude had to work, so I stayed home with The Boys instead of going out with friends. I could have taken the boys with me, but it's at a decent restaurant (read not McDonald's or Red Robin), and I would have spent my time making sure The Boys were taken care of, and watching to ensure a food fight didn't break out, instead of visiting. Add to that the fact that we're not particularly flush with cash at the moment, so it's just as well.

Friday was The Boys last day of school, so I spent some time there watching as the 3rd graders received their certificates to progress out of Pathways and onto 4th grade. I was teary eyed because I'll miss those kids, and next year I'll be bawling when The Oldest ends 3rd grade. After working, I pulled all of the boxes out of the garage, while The Dude cleaned out the shed in our backyard. Unpacked and repacked all of the boxes to figure out what to sell at Saturday's garage sale. It took about 3 hours, which included moving all the things I'm keeping to the shed out back. There are only two things I couldn't move by myself, the Christmas Tree and my Great Grandmother's Persian rug. The Dude worked Friday night too, so I didn't go to the school moms happy hour to celebrate the end of school. I did get to watch Bedtime Stories with The Boys, and it was a surprisingly cute movie. I liked it, and may be starting to come out of my movie boycott.

Saturday started at 6, and I was out moving all the stuff around by 7. The Dude set out all the signs, and I got it all set up by 8. Our neighbor across the street brought over a table of stuff, and kept me company all day. I ended up selling about half of what was out there, she sold almost all of what she had, and had the rest packed up and put away at 1:30 or so. Because I was outside all that time, my house was a disaster when I came back in. I cleaned and ran to grab The Boys some take out. A friend stopped by to visit, which was cool because we hadn't had a chance to do that in a while. The neighbor kids hung out the rest of the afternoon while The Dude slept, and when he got up, I attempted a nap, but he is far less successful in getting them either outside, or quiet. The Dude took care of dinner for The Boys, and I made myself eggs, fake sausage and toast. Relaxed in the evening by playing WHATZIT games across the country. Reflected on how someone can think that offering $20 for a working treadmill is a good idea. Finally got it together enough to start taking Immunitea for this chest cold that I now have from doing too much with too little sleep.

Sunday was up at 6 again because The Cat wanted out. Decided to just stay up instead of climbing back into bed. Got dishes done, breakfast made, and laundry started. More Immunitea, coffee and folding clothes while listening to Squeeze:

The boys were going stir crazy so I took them on a four hour hike at Sunol Regional Wilderness - the hike to Little Yosemite isn't difficult, my kids just had to stop all the time, and whine about being hot, and when are we getting there, and all the things that make them who they are. Once they were able to get creek side and practice skipping stones, all was good again. I'll have the photos tomorrow in Tableau Tuesday. Got home to find that The Dude had grocery shopped, and I did more laundry, took a stab at another WHATZIT, and read a book.


Anonymous said...

A hike sounds fun. :) I have not been out to do anything really just yet. I like how u use the word dude. It's cute

Ed said...

Jeeze, of all the Squeeze songs you pick that one? What about Tempted or Black Coffee in bed??
Sounds like ya'll had a fun weekend,
Later..Ed :-)

iasa said...

We're missing a DS too, been gone maybe 6 months.

Hope you are feeling better.

Gordon said...

J9, where are you? Did you run away with Reggie Girl?