Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feeling better - update

To all of my friends here there and everywhere:
THANK-YOU for your kind, understanding and encouraging words. Just knowing there are people who care, people who I've only typed to no less, lifts me up! You will find that I do take to my blog to vent, to yell to scream and to laugh, sometimes all in the same post. I started this as an on-line journal, and have considered splitting the journal from the photos, but haven't because they are really all an integral part of who I am. Thank you for standing (or sitting) by me, and making me smile and laugh. I'm not going anywhere, I just needed a mental and emotional reboot. As a matter of fact, once I released all of the emotion and reflected, I was able to figure out how to do somwething that had been vexing me all week. Just that break was enough.

I left my office and talked to The Dude - basic verbal diahreah - like what I wrote. We agreed to talk more, and work together on our eating/excercise issues. Still no resolution to the work stressor. Then I went for a walk. I feel better having been in the sun (with sunscreen and a hat), and getting fresh air into my body. I took some pictures and just listened to the world around me. That made me feel better. Then I sat in my office to decompress. I'm going out to the backyard with my journal. I'm sure there will be things that come up there.


Patty said...

Well, you are going to have to fuss at me J9. I have missed posting at your blog for the past few days. I have missed a lot of my favorite blogs. I am trying to play catchup.

Sorry you had some bad days, but sounds like you are feeling a little better. Email me anytime you need a someone to talk to. I am better at emails when I get busy.

You take care and eat right, gal!

gigi said...

Fresh air does a body and mind good. I think you can do this just not all at once. Baby steps to better things. Keep your head up and get your family to help when you can. ((hugs))

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Do what you have to chickie!

bearer of three said...

im so happy our doing better

CalSurf59 said...


Did THAT make you laugh?

ROSIDAH said...

That's great news to read about, my dear :)!