Saturday, May 2, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

I am actually a bit thankful that it rained this weekend. Of course we need the rain, but as an added bonus everyone was indoors the whole time, and had to help me clean the house. I initially thought that would be crap in a can because as anyone who has kids might have an inkling, for every one item a mom puts away, 10 more are pulled out. On Friday afternoon, before the boys were out of school, and after all my meetings I cleaned the bathrooms. This is possibly my least favorite cleaning chore ever. Having 3 males in the house who all stand up to pee makes it even less appealing than say, squeezing boils on the groin of an ogre. And because we have a house guest starting on Sunday, I actually scrubbed the floors with bleach. I had to keep taking breaks because the fumes were getting to me, but after, we actually had white tile floors, and my back was killing me.

On Saturday The Dude let me sleep in and my back was much better when I did roll out of bed. When I started cleaning, I nearly tore my hair out, and then I made The Boys responsible for picking up every single toy that was not in it's proper place. I had them start in their room, move to the office/playroom, then the living room and kitchen. They whined, they moaned, they begged me not to have to do it, they even fought with each other in an attempt to distract me. I perservereed and then set a time limit of 30 minutes, after which any toy I found would go to the trash. They did an admirable job, and only lost a couple of army men to the trash. I also swept, vacummed and mopped the rest of the house, claened the kitchen table, dusted, washed the glass tables, folded and put away laundry, swithched The Youngest up to sizes 7/8, and bagged all the 4/5/6 stuff for friends. I also had a long conversation with mom, talked to our guest to get flight info, and wrote a grocery list. I didn't get a shower until 4 in the afternoon, and styed in jammies all day, as did The Youngest. The Boys alternated between cartoons, iCarly, DS playing, setting up orchestras, and watching Lego Star Wars on You Tube. After I put away all of the clothes, and around dinner time, The Dude took a nap. Later that night, our front window was egged. Again. The Dude washed it off, but it's a pain in the ass all the same.

On Sunday, I let The Dude sleep in. And when he did awake, his first words to me were, "Did you have a gallon of milk and a half a wheel of chees before you came to bed?" I guess I was snoring like a fiend, but that statement, before "good morning" or anything had me laughing! I noticed that the cat and dog were acting strange - not sure if it's the weather, the clean house (which is unusual), or if it's a harbinger for an earthquake! Spent the day getting ready for Marianne - our houseguest for the week! The Boys spent the day repeatedly asking when Aunt Marianne was going to be here. I finally begged The Dude to take The Boys out of the house so that I could finish what I needed to do. The house looks great and sparkly, and Marianne arrived without a hitch. I did find it mildly amusing that there were several people walking around SFO with masks over their nose and mouth. I'll assume this was to prevent Swine Flu, but maybe they just botched their colagen injection and ended up with fish lips. The Dude let The Boys stay up late to see Aunt Marianne, and they were really funny this morning, getting dressed before emerging from their room, and continually asking if she was going to get up before they went to school.


iasa said...

after cleaning the bathroom you deserve two morning sleep ins.

The last time my boys fought in an attempt to forestall cleaning. I made them hug each other and continue with the tidying. It was entertaining to me and the room got cleaned. :)

have fun with your houseguest.

J9 said...

I make my boys sit facing each other and holding hands. They then have to say to each other in unison, "Brother I'm sorry for making you angry and sad. I will do my best to make you laugh." They then have to sit like that until they make each other laugh. It generally doesn't take very long, and they are much happier and less likely to fight following that!

iasa said...

That is a great idea! I am so stealing that.

Patty said...

Girl, you need a vacation. I am thinking a long weekend at a spa for you. You tire me out just reading about your weekend.

Is it raining everywhere? We are soaked.

Gordon said...

R2D2, I'm sorry for making you angry and sad. I will do my best to make you laugh.
You were on a roll! But, on the last WHATZIT you made such a gaff!
I can't hold your hand
From all the way across our land.
Alas, the new whatzit query,
I'm sure will make you teary.

Gordon said...

You're a winner.....and I'll bet you're smiling! Good job!

The word verification is "quest"! I guess you know what my quest will be, now!

Butler and Bagman said...

Good luck with your kids all getting black belts...not that this had anything to do with your blog.

J9 said...

Gordon - you may best me yet!

B&B - Thanks, they are working on it, we'll see how The Youngest does on Friday!

Lori Skoog said...

Fun post...I feel like I was there. Also, nice photos below.