Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

Friday started normally enough, with the possibility that my 2 Projects would be descoped for February, leaving me plenty of time to do what I prefer - PROCESS IMPROVEMENT!!! Yeah! I know, I know, I'm sick that way. Worked in the kids' classroom in the afternoon, and since 2/3 of the cooking teachers and 1/2 of the art teachers weren't there, I dropped art and helped my good friends with cooking. Art time was with 2/3 grades and they were finishing their animal reports and are pretty self sufficient, so that was no biggie. The issue was K/1s and cooking for the 4th week in a row. The recipe was zuchini fritters, which included chopping and grating, nothing you would want to leave a kindy to do unsupervised... We only had 4 go down. 2 grated their knuckles (both on my watch), One rubbed peppery fingers in his eyes, and one barfed all over a table in the classroom. Sent the last 2 to the nurse, and the substitute nurse sent the barfy kid back to class with an ice pack instead of calling his mom. He was supposed to come over and play after school, so I called his mom. He went home instead. Happy Hour Play Date was at my house and consisted of margaritas and cucumber lemon pepper appetizers. It was mellow and good. The kids played and had fun, and I had a nice visit with a couple of friends. The Youngest had a baseball game which he was late or due to the massive melt down he had about leaving the play date. I dropped him, after receiving a couple of pissed off calls from my mom about the field they were playing on. She continued when I got to tht game about leaving the playdate and not kicking my friends out of the house. My friends left when I returned about 10 minutes later, and I took The Oldest to watch the rest of the game. The Dude had his Bio final, which he thinks he aced! Then he stayed out until almost midnight. I waited up to see how he did, and was a little pissed that he hadn't called to tell me what was going on.

Saturday was laundry and garden day. Pulled weeds and did all the laundry. The Dude did let me sleep in to 11:00, so I felt awesome all day. The Boys spent the overcast morning watching cartoons, setting up Hot Wheels tracks, and playing Mousetrap. In the afternoon, we walked around the school field and they played in the back yard. No slip n' Slide as it was not even 60 degrees out.

Sunday was more of the same. Actually kind of bored because we weren't out doing anything - no money to pay for anything. I was missing our travel trailer because if we still had it, we'd be out camping this weekend. Oh well. The Boys spent the day begging to go to the movies, a fast food place, Chuck E. Cheese (basically anywhere that costs money). I let The Dude sleep in, AND take a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. It was also Opa's birthday and we stopped by to say hi.

Monday I was tired of doing nothing so I repaired some stuff around the house and The Boys and I washed my car, including vacuuming, beating the dust out of the floor mats, and armorall on all the surfaces that require it. Now it looks nice, and smells better than it did. Wanted to go shoot pics, but just kind of down in the dumps to do it. The neihbor kids from across the street came over to play in the afternoon and the boys had fun. Really don't feel like going to work tomorrow, and need to lose weight. Need to get out of the house though. Tried to find a lol cat to cheer me up, or a video on you tube to sum up my mood, or to cheer me up, to no avail. So you get this:

I did manage to find this one, which didn't entirely cheer me up, but did make me smile...


iasa said...

That's cool they have have cooking lessons at your boys school.

Sorry you are down in the dumps.

J9 said...

Yeah, the kids love it, and it helps them with fractions and measurements.

Barry said...

I love the Big Sea and would really like to get to Newfoundland some time. Now there's a trip that would cheer you up!!

And me too!