Friday, May 29, 2009

My Town Shoot Out - Water

Finally! Thank-You for your patience, and you really won't be sorry - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the water - always have, always will. As Aunt Sandy says, I have sand in my shoes. I had a very difficult time picking just a few images. Some are here at home, some are not, but each has a story to it.
I recommend going to look at everyone's home towns. You can find us all in the comments of Patty or Reggie Girl's Blogs, or in the sidebar from Gordon or GingerV. Please to enjoy!

Water takes many forms and serves many purposes in our lives.
It entertains us and causes us to pause and reflect as shown at this fountain/kinetic sculpture located at Dublin Civic Center.We can ride on water like this surfer at Lighthouse Point in Santa Cruz:We can shoot it at our friends at local parks:We can use it to cool down and exact revenge on our brother: Or to just sail away from the Berkeley Marina: Water also takes many forms - It will shoot our of the ground at Old Faithful in Yellowstone: Or fall off of a cliff: Or bubble up in geothermal pools: It also is quite beautiful in a frozen state near Tahoe:It comes rolling in on little cat feet toward the windmill in Golden Gate Park:And without it, my backyard view wouldn't have rainbows:It sustains sea lions in Santa Cruz:Freshwater turtles in San Francisco:And nothing beats a sunset like this one in Half Moon Bay:

But now for the entire reason this post is so late. Water is the inspiration for work like this Historical Landmark - The Sunol Water Temple. I remember my dad bringing us here when I was a kid, and how impressed I was by his knowledge of the waterways that intersect at this temple. I was utterly amazed at the sheer beauty of this monument to water! I went to the temple today to photograph it specifically for this theme. I have been waiting for a time to go and to have a reason, but I shouldn't wait for these opportunities. I hope the Water District sees fit to restore the picnic grounds out here, as I would love to bring my boys - and they would love it as much as I do! In researching the history of the temple, I found out that it was designed by Willis Polkand inspired by the Vesta of Tivoli. It was originally completed in 1910, and restoration was completed in 2000.The inscription around the exterior and mirrored on the interior reads:
I will make the wilderness a pool of water and the dry lands springs of water.
The streams whereof shall make glad the city.
The first line is from Isaiah 41:18b
The second line is from Psalm 46:4
S.V.W.C. is for Spring Valley Water Company
MCMX is Roman Numeral 1910

Three Fish for Gordon:The detail at the tops of the columns is impressive!The ceiling, restored to it's incomplete completeness is inspiring!When I was a kid, this was all rushing water. Because the main water artery is now underground, this has been reduced to a trickle, but it's still really cool.I cannot stress enough how amazing and beautiful and serene a place this is!Not just any pool of water!And the final image of today, reflecting my homage to water in all its forms and uses, without it we would be a desert of raisins for sure!Happy Weekend all!


Butler and Bagman said...

We're patient. After all, water is patient. And with it's patience can design things like the Grand Canyon.

GingerV said...

security word GRAIRR -

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Cant wait!

Butler and Bagman said...

So far, I love it! A true minimalist at work.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I will definately come back to see you beauty.......and I know that it will be wonderful lovely girl :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Patty said...

Better late than never, J9. We know you always come through.

J9 said...

Made it in with SECONDS to spare!

Butler and Bagman said...

And this would have been worth waiting for if it had taken weeks! I started out loving the approach, the different uses, the variety and then everything came into focus, including why it was late -- and I was grabbed by it. I even hit the links and went to read more about the temple. I love discoveries like that. What a great place. It reminded me of place I sort of remember and that probably had great history that I never pursued. I'm glad that restored it.

Kathy in CA said...

I love those pictures of the temple... I've lived here for 30+ years and have never actually been to it. Thanks for sharing!

Zaroga said...

The pictures are beautiful!

A Scattering said...

Your post is excellent. I'd never heard of the Temple so thanks for sharing the info. Worth the wait for sure. Have a great weekend.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Oh my gosh.........J9 what beauty you've posted here!!
I love them all!! The rainbow? How vivid......I think I have to choose the brother with the water hose as my very, very favorite thought that is a hard one! It just reminded me of something one of my 3 brother 's might (no WOULD) possible do :)
This was worth the wait darling girl..........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

ROSIDAH said...

I love water, too. Great shots! I'm sorry for this very late visit. I have been suffering from sinusitis, but feel better now. Have a wonderful week :)

Doreen said...

all of your water shots are fabulous. the water temple is magnificent also. thanks for the tour. great post!!

Anonymous said...

J9, your pictures are amazing! Old Faithful, the turtles and the sunset are just three that stand out in my mind - they are all so incredible!
Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment - I really appreciate it!
See you on Friday!

Anonymous said...

This temple was designed by Willis Polk. Just as I love this one, I also love the Pulgas Water Temple in Woodside. I can remember many a Saturday afternoon picnic on the grounds on those rare days when Daddy wasn't working and he and Mom were managing to get a long.

Pulgas has "I give waters in the wilderness and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people," from Isaiah 43:20, inscribed.

These are often forgotten beauties. Thanks for sharing this local treasure, J9.

Gordon said...

J9, You are a real thinker! (No, I didn't say stinker!) You were so organized with these great shots. Thanks for the fish. I tried to fry it, but it was a little tough.
It sure is enjoyable bantering with you, coast to coast.
Here's another whatzit clue:

Don't swim in this place at night.
These whatzits have a very big bite.

gigi said...

So glad I didn't miss your water shots! They are beautiful! I've been to alot of your pictures and I must say they are wonderful. What a great choice, Water.

BTW, thank you for visiting and commenting on my sunset over the river. That is the very first sunset picture I've ever taken and I was so excited it turned out so well, or at least you and I thought it did :)
Sunshine and smiles!

girlichef said...

They're all the rainbows, the falls and old Faithful!

Anonymous said...

These water shots are freaking awesome. I love water like you do, and you captured that emotion perfectly.


Oz Girl said...

The photo of the lil guy getting his brother with the hose is fantastic -- great shot!! :)

I wonder if my sis has ever visited that water temple in San Fran. I love the details you captured -- the ceiling, the tops of the columns. So very beautiful!

Congrats on a great water "our town" post.

mariann said...

loved them all!!!! I anxiously await your next topic!