Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Adding to the common lexicon

I've been working on adding a couple of phrases to the common lexicon. They used to be very popular, back when my grandparents were children, but I've noticed that they've fallen out of favor in my neck of the woods.
Wash and Set
This was something your grandmother had done at a beauty parlor, some ladies had it done daily - those were people living high on the hog indeed! It involved having your hair washed and then put up in rollers, or curlers, and sitting under a dryer while gossiping with the other hens.
Fergie wears it rather well. At least I think it's Fergie - I can't really tell with the rollers and dark glasses...

Bread and Butter
What you say when you are walking along, holding hands, and have to split apart to go around a tree, pole, etc. You can see it at 5:42 in the following:

I found a bunch of merrie melodies on you tube, and had actually FORGOTTEN about them. I'm off to watch more. I may have the energy to tell you of the five hour zoo trip later. After a drink or ten. Definitely after my headache goes away and my nose thaws out.


Pugs said...

Finally got over here to read your post and was pleasantly surprised to see Merrie Melodies! God, I love those! The boys & I bought a DVD of old Bugs Bunny clips last month and we've been watching it. My favorite modern cartoon is Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Have you seen it?

Hope your headache is better!

J9 said...

I have seen Foster's and my boys kind of like it, but their favs are Flapjack and Chowder. Mine is Phineas and Ferb. Headache is better, but I'm coughing and have a hoarse voice today.