Monday, December 8, 2008

It was a busy weekend

Friday was spent at "Fractured Fairy Tails", put on by the Jr. High in town, and getting ready for the 8th Birthday Party.

He had a blast, all the kids got along fairly well, and there were only a couple of injuries. I consider that a success as we had 4 boys aged 9-11, and the testosterone is starting to creep up. There were a couple of alpha male issues, but all resolved amongst themselves. The girls all kept in a group, but had fun too.

Saturday, the boys had a birthday party, and we went to the downtown Christmas Parade with our extended family. I'm calling them our family now because the youngest asked if we could make them honorary members of our family, and I agreed. We ended up watching the parade with another family from school, and the birthday girl from earlier in the day.

Sunday was the usual - laundry, cleaning and groceries. I had the added bonus of referee duties on all of the Birthday presents. So far, the most skirmish inducing are the Star Wars Lego's, and the RC car. The boys are sharing the karaoke machine - there are 2 mics.

We discovered what the boys are asking for from Santa. The oldest, in keeping with tradition, is asking for a steel drum. The youngest wants a Clone Trooper gun, and Star Wars Lego's.

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