Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OMG! I almost forgot Carol Doda!

In my post, "Going insane - random ranting" I totally forgot that our neighborhood gossip included that one of us helped enhance Carol Doda. I first heard of her in the mid 70's, when she was Grand Marshall of the KNBR Good Times Parade. I watched the parade with my family every year it was put on. It was my hometown after all, and it was pretty crazy back then. I remember the Balloon Platoon of course, and Lady Godiva (also my first introduction to that tale). I also remember the kids on bikes with cards and streamers in the spokes. And motorcycle guys in leather. It was also when I learned how to make fairy scissors out of the weeds growing on the side of the road.
I didn't think anything of the fact that she was a stripper. It seems in retrospect that he met many illustrious SF people. And here I thought my folks were fuddy duddies, but I know he also saw Ike & Tina Turner and Little Stevie Wonder at the Fillmore.
I maybe starting to understand my fascination with leggy blonds with nice boobs and tans.
I'm going to be taking photos of my family this season, because as I've been pouring over my flickr account recently, I realized there are not enough shots of my kids with our family. I also am going to continue shooting my photo walks, and start a series of self portraits.
In my spare time.

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Pugs said...

Hey J9, I just took a peak at your photography and ... WOW! I love the one of the Golden Gate in the background. Very touching. I've never been to California but it looks beautiful. I'd like to talk to you sometime if you wanna email me.