Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shush, Daddy's Talking

OK, I admit, I have been an "appointment" TV watcher for decades. It all started with Hart to Hart. No one in my family could so much as whisper when it was on, and that included my mom and dad, as I was a child when that was on the air. I even got a Stephanie Powers haircut when I was old enough to blow dry the frizz that I call hair.

Then I moved to Remington Steele in High School, and again no one could do anything but stay out of the way when it was on. In fact, Pierce Brosnan is on my list of five still to this day.

Moonlighting was in there too, and I thought I was hooked because of the Private Eye aspect. So much so, that I did a report on Private Investigations in High School.

Next up was Northern Exposure, but by then I was living in my own place, but any commotion from my partner was met with angry stares, and shushing.

Then I found The X-files, which has been more like an obsession. I've seen every episode and movie, got sucked into fan fic, and Gillian Anderson is also on the list. I also started dyeing my hair red. I still have red hair because I think it goes well with my freckles, and I actually had red hair as a kid. I even went to the midnight showing of the latest movie, and was one of eight in the theater.

I was despondent when XF went off the air, and vowed to never have another appointment show. Then I got TiVo, and didn't have to shush my young kids, I could pause and record at will and watch to my heart's content. Yet I didn't pick a new show to follow until Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. That was rather short lived, and I started watching Heroes, only to be disappointed by the new season, so I've stopped.

Now I'm on Fringe. I'm not quite sure if I like it enough to continue watching it. The leads aren't that dynamic, and the chemistry isn't quite there. I'll give it a season and see.

I think the common thread here is character dynamics, a certain amount of sexual tension, and great writing (at least the most recent ones, I can't vouch for my tastes as a child). Oh and beautiful, strong female characters.

I do watch news shows, as I've previously stated, mostly it's Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Thanks to the crustybastard and Bea, I now have a new phrase to use when RM is on the air, and my kids wander through with some issue. "Shush, Daddy's Talking!" And thus, RM's new nickname will be Daddy. I like it because it's funny, and will confuse my kids to no end, and probably confuse their actual father as well! It is a bit off the original quote of, "EVERYBODY SHUT UP! DADDY'S TALKING.", which would not only confuse but startle my family.

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