Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I now have an 8 year old!

Today my oldest turns 8. Two days ago he told me he didn't want to be 8 because he didn't want to be the oldest kid in our family. I told him it was okay, and 8 would be a good year for him. This morning, I woke up early to make him Purple French Toast, and Purple milk because that's his favorite color. He also gets to pick what we eat for dinner tonight, and he picked Casper's Hot Dogs. I went to this same Casper's as a kid, and both boys love it. The guys who work there know us and our order before we walk in the door. We'll have cupcakes for dessert, and he can get a milkshake with dinner as a treat. His party is on Friday night at Pump It Up, and he's looking very forward to it!

Saw this today, and it made me crack up!

Found on LOLcats. If you haven't checked them out, and you like cats, GO THERE NOW. They also have a nice selection of rodents, birds, dogs and walrus.