Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey crustbastard!

While I do not agree with everything the crustybastard writes about, there is one commonality we share:

I STILL do not understand how people who preach love, can act so hatefully and deceptively in trying to oppress another group of people. If you see me driving around town, you will see I am still sporting a No on 8 sticker and another that is the motto of Key West: One Human Family. I truly believe that if we were to ACTUALLY treat each other with respect, and sometimes agree to disagree, as long as you aren't harming me and my family, I'm good. You can believe what you will as long as that belief doesn't infringe upon my activities either in public, or in my own home. Doesn't mean I agree with you, because I may not, but I do respect our differences.

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Patty said...

Well said. Live and let live.