Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Town Shoot Out - Local Foods, Restaurants and Watering Holes

This Week's My Town Shoot Out is all about Local Food. Since America is a melting Pot, and really our native food could be considered fast food, AND since I covered plenty of fast food last week, I decided to go with the no franchise rule for this week (even though there are no rules). You can find listings of participants in the comments sections of Patty, and Reggie Girl's Blogs, as well as the side Bar on Gordon's blog. Let's start with Breakfast, shall we? The first stop on our partial culinary tour of West Dublin starts at Johnny's Donuts. Johnny's has been around for decades, and this is where The Dude used to go after middle school got out for the day. You can still find kids there after school as well as the early morning construction/contractor crowd, and many retirees.
Next up is my favorite breakfast place in Dublin. Zac's Cafe has a home cooked meal and good, old fashioned brewed coffee waiting every morning. They are usually quite crowded with long time Dublin families.Denica's is a bakery and pastry shop. I have never eaten here, but The Dude's step dad works nearby and has said the pastries are very good.Moving on to Lunch and Dinner, there is an abundance of restaurants, however most are franchises that you could find nearly anywhere else. Los Pericos is the taqueria near the boys' Tae Kwon Do studio, and the food there is fairly good, and really reasonably priced.For upscale Mexican cuisine, you need to try Casa Orozco. There are only two of these restaurants, both in the tri-valley area. It is family owned and operated by the Orozco family. When they first opened, Mom and Dad would come out of the kitchen on your birthday and sing to you, then pour you a tequila shot! It made for many happy birthdays! Way before I was vegetarian, I would eat the Chile Colorado, and as far as I know, it is still the best around! the Dublin location used to share a building with a Foster's Freeze, but in recent years took over the entire building and renovated beautifully!There is a host of Asian Food here as well, with two Asian specific markets. My favorite Chinese restaurant in the world was Great Szechuan in Livermore, and I would kill for their dry fried string beans. Alas, the family sold Great Szechuan, and I have not been able to find the same beans, nor recreate it on my own. They were spicy and salty, and had no meat! That having been said, I do like China Village. I've been going here since I was a child and first learned how to use chopsticks. I do not have a favorite Sushi place, as a vegetarian, I can find good veggie sushi almost anywhere, and we are so near the coast (though certainly a drive), that fresh sushi is not a problem. Amakara is new in town - this building was once a Sizzler, then a pasta place. It seems like a very popular restaurant, the parking lot was crowded at about 7:30 Thursday night.Athens Burgers hosts many after ball game dinners and end of season parties. As far as I can remember this spot has been a sports bar of some sort for decades. they used to have fine Greek dinning in the back, but now have changed to banquet facilities.Finally, we have McNamara's, the upscale Steak and Chop House. This is where people go for anniversary dinners and marriage proposals. It has an intimate atmosphere, and very good food.I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of West Dublin's unique eating establishments. I can personally vouch for most of these places, and if you want to know about any others, drop me a line and I'll give you the scoop!


edprescott said...

Great pics, looks like a great place to hang..:-)

Butler and Bagman said...

I love the horse sculpture! And now I have a goal to eat at all the restaurants...

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

J9.......these are fantastic shots here girl.....your snap of the horse thingy is amazing!! What talent you have girl.
I want to go to Casa Orozco for a little shot of tequila and a happy birthday sing. These are the things favorite memories are made of, no?
I love that you went did I. Everyone has chains in their town but the local places are the true treasures.
I think this is your best shoot yet (though yours are always great).

Steady On
Reggie Girl

gigi said...

I'm still stuck at Johnny's Donuts! I think that I can smell them right now!

Great shots. Happy weekend!

Si's blog said...

Enjoyable. Can visualize your town. We need to go to The Big City to find most of that stuff. All the way to Alexandria to find Yamazota sushi.

Kathy in CA said...

Too funny.... we didn't have any "common" restaurants! I meant to go by Casa Orozco but didn't get the chance; I also wanted to add Frankie, Johnnie, and Luigi, Too. Oh well!

Love the pictures!

Kathy in CA said...

Also forgot to mention that Bangkok 101 will make most of their dishes vegetarian. Patrons have their choice of meats or vegetarian. I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on it when you get a chance to go! :)

Gordon said...

Does that upscale restaurant serve fish. We also, have upscale fish fries. I push the scales up so they will fall off before cuttin' up the fish. That's great! I'll go there!
Hey, R2D2, I really enjoy your sense of humor. Hope I don't bore you with these stupid remarks. May the force be with you!
Thanks for the comments on my blog. If you guess my next WHATZIT in three guesses, Ill send you a shiney new bottle of Datil Pepper Sauce.
You have no chance! Gordon

HalfCrazy said...

Nice shots of Restaurants, overall a good presentation!

It's funny because since American Influence is so massive, people in the world have tasted the ones you featured in here. There's Pastries, Donuts, Tacos and a whole lot more!

Jo said...

Gosh Casa Orozco looks wonderful...! Can vegetarians drink tequila? I sure hope so. :-)

These are great photographs!

Patty said...

Did I make a boo-boo on my J9 post? Sorry. So much to keep up with.

Anyway, thanks for another nice tour around your town. The sculptures are beautiful.

Those string beans sound interesting, too. I do eat seafood, J9, and there is actually a term for a veg-head who eats seafood. I don't eat a lot of it, but I do eat it, so I guess I live in a good place for that.

The drinking and birthday singing place sounds like fun.

I like that you gave a little history about the kids hanging out at the donut place. I remember a place where we all used to hang out back in Georgia. Some fond memories, there. All of those old places are practically gone now.

I think you should tell the Dude to take you to the fancy restaurant.

GigiSxm said...

i did indeed enjoy the mini tour :-)

Strawberry Girl said...

I love the little off beat restraunts!! No fast food for this girl. ;p :D

Barry said...

What a great variety of local restaurants! They all look excellent, especially for someone who hasn't eaten solid food in a month.