Friday, April 17, 2009

Monday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

Last week was the boys' Spring Break and I felt bad for having to work and them being stuck at home all day every day, so on Friday when my meetings ended, I took them to The Jungle. I even climbed through the habitrail-like structure for about an hour, until my body just couldn't take it anymore. I admit it would be fun without all the yelling and screaming kids trampling you. The boys had a blast and crashed out in the backseat on the way home.

Saturday was a warm and sunny one and the Youngest had an 11:30 baseball game, I had a baby shower to attend, and worked the snack bar for 3 hours. By the end of the day I was pooped! After the ball game, the boys turned on the hose out back and played until they almost collapsed, and we went to 31 flavors for dessert.

Sunday was pretty mellow, although it was the only day I had for laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning (which didn't really get done). Sp I have a messy house, but clean clothes and food.

Today I went to the office so that I didn't have to sit at home in 95 degree weather with no AC. Plus, I miss the office. Had a great visit with a co-worker and got some things done, but not as much as I'd hoped.


iasa said...

The Jungle sounds fun, they should have an adult day, no kiddos

JMK said...

Since I don't know what you've been doing the last few years, what office?

Air conditioning is a good thing. And ceiling fans.