Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Evening Weekend Wrap Up

This was an incredibly busy weekend with emotional ups and downs. Friday was another Happy Hour Play date, this time with Bellinis and head wounds! The Bellinis were delish - frozen peaches and Proseca, and the head wound was attributed to bouncing off a giant ball and into other kids - this was after human bowling, but before the potential for chainsaw juggling. Of course, I completely forgot about The Youngest's baseball practice, and damned him to the bottom of the roster for Saturday.
He didn't care though, and played his best game yet. He started swinging through the ball, and made 3 plays - 1 at second, and 2 at third base. Cy Young award, here we come ;-) Following that early game, I tried my damnedest to give myself a heart attack by turning over the soil in my two gardens. While the weather was not particularly hot, the work itself sucked immensely. I worked up a sweat, and my hands still ache from the digging - and yes, I did use a shovel! I also was pulling out weed block a fair amount of time. At one point The Dude rushed out to take my blood pressure, and insist I take a break before continuing (how kind). He did go out and buy me some supplies, and I managed to plant zucchini, yellow squash, watermelon, pumpkin, chard, carrots, basil and tomato. I also turned a flower bed and planted wild flowers.

While The Dude napped, I took the boys to watch my nephews' baseball game. They played really well, and my oldest nephew had the save as the closing pitcher! I have no clue how he can handle that kind of pressure, but he did, and very well too! By the end of the game, my sciatic was not happy, and the boys were whinny, so it was back home for dinner.

Sunday was insane. I wanted to strangle The Dude, and we got into a shouting match over some piddly shit, after he decided to try and conduct business calls five minutes before we were all leaving the house - he and the boys to the movies, and I to run some stuff to SF. He got wound up over the fact that none of us could be totally silent while he was on the phone. O RLY? So 5 minutes before leaving the house to go to the movies with their cousin, and after an entire morning of begging to go somewhere, he actually expected the boys to be silent. Now, if you know my family IRL, you know that neither The Dude, nor The Boys are quiet. Not. At. All. I was so stressed out over it, that I'm grateful sis came along for the ride, and I could vent to her. Since Tangobaby blogged about it, I guess I should mention that the trip to SF was to deliver a small refrigerator and some clothes to Kelaya and the kids. Next trip out, I'm bringing the boys and they can all play together. I didn't mention it because I am not one to say when I help people, I just do it. Julie is the one to be grateful for, and I am, she is helping in such a loving way, and I couldn't help but contribute in my own small way.

I came home, grocery shopped, put away the groceries and ran across town to pick up the boys, came home and The Dude said he would cook dinner, so I went outside and played with the boys. The Dude came out and said he wanted leftovers because the chicken wasn't thawed yet. So I went in the house and cooked the chicken, added brown rice and green beans, and we had a healthy dinner. The Dude later said that he didn't know that you could cook chicken breasts that were still frozen. SIGH... I also did the dishes because he was (pick one: Too Tired, Suffering from Allergies, Busy Working, Too Stressed Out). I was so not up for any sort of confrontation due to our earlier row. I was also totally bummed out because Bea Arthur passed away over the weekend. Dorothy Snarker summed it up best this morning with "She gave countless girls permission to be smart and opinionated, funny and brash." She certainly gave me a sense of timing and the rapier sharp wit I have today. Also the sarcasm. the crustybastard had a couple of clips of Bea on his blog, and I'm including these two because I did love that she had such an amazing sense of humor! Neither clip is safe for work, or children - consider yourself warned. The first is from So Graham Norton. Bea shows up at the 5:25 mark, and the joke is at 9:10.

The second clip is what wasn't on TV during the roast of Pam Anderson (my evil twin).
Roast of Pamela Anderson
Bea Arthur Uncensored
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I'll miss you Bea!


Patty said...

Oh, my! Here I am resting in bed, and you go and wear me out like that.

And I thought I was busy. Well, I was not busy on Sunday.

My cats would love to dig in that dirt.

J9 said...

I had to chase the dog and the cat out of the fresh earth all weekend! Luckily, they kept the crows at bay, so hopefully my seeds will actually sprout!

iasa said...

mmm bellinis. i think we should raise one up for bea arthur.

J9 said...

I agree, though I pictured her as more of a scotch rock type of woman!

iasa said...

Yeah, I think you might be right. Scotch it is!

Gordon said...

I need to get a garden planted. Tomatos would be great. Hey R2D2 I'm waiting for your guess at the new whatzit. I gave hints this time.

J9 said...

Iasa - I'm toasting my coffee to Bea now!

Gordon - I'm heading over to supply my guess right now!

Ed said...

O.K. even I'm tired now..:-)

J9 said...

I think I may have started recovering finally!

Connies Photos said...

Aww I hadn't heard about Bea Arthur.Rest In Peace Dear Lady-Thanks for the Mem-ries.You are missed...

J9 said...

Even though she hadn't acted in about a secade, I'm still missing her!

Jeanette said...

So whats up with the tomatoes sticking out of the bottom of plastic buckets? I am a gardening nincompoop but I want to learn and that looks curious.