Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I like my Dr.

So I went to the Dr. yesterday to look at my nose and declare that it looked infected. I already knew that, and by then it had started to crust over and look suspiciously like impetigo. He prescribed and antibiotic ointment, and oral antibiotics in case it gets worse. It's getting better, smaller and it itches like hell today, which is a good sign that it is healing. I looked for an image of impetigo to put up here, but everything I found was really making me want to barf, including Amy Winehouse with her face covered by it - ick. Oh, and the PA asked if it was a botched nose piercing. So either I look like I'm trying to recapture my youth, OR I do look as young as I feel.

I also ended up with blood pressure medicine, as my blood pressure has been elevated for a while now. I was chalking it up to stress (of potential job loss, potential foreclosure, The Dude not working, having two small kids, a major car accident and associated hospital stays and paperwork stresses). But I have yet to actually DO anything to help alleviate those stresses. I often say that I need to meditate, do Tai Chi, Yoga, hike, ride my bike, get in better shape, eat better, but was not particularly motivated to do so. Guess what? I'm motivated now! The thought of having to take meds for the rest of my life, starting now bothers me. So I am having a fresh fruit smoothie as I type. This is my breakfast/brunch and contains a frozen banana, some frozen raspberries and blueberries, apple juice and soy milk. Oh, and no more snacking on pretzels dipped in Port Wine Cheddar Spread either - I'm checking sodium levels on all that shit now! No lie, I am a salt-a-holic. The Dude has often stated that we should just put in a salt lick. And I'm going hiking with the dog to get some killer Photos for this week's challenges too! I will not go silently into the abyss, I'm fighting this shit tooth an nail! I also told my Dr. that I was going to see if my acupuncturist had anything for high blood pressure - he actually said ok, but see me in 3 months if you decide to take the meds or not. He's a cool guy!


iasa said...

mmm, that smoothie sounds good.

J9 said...

It is pretty good, and I was unable to post a comment on your blog, but I agree with most of your 100 books, have read a few, and want to read a few more.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Reaching our age is no fun.. ailments comes along with age so what i'm trying to do is to figure out how to become aware and not to make myself controlled by any form of medecine. thanks for reminding me about the tai chi and yoga. maybe i should try this once we get settled. and yes, the smooties too. it sure sounds the best way to beat the ailments. Have a nice daya ahead..

Patty said...

You know you got that nose piercing! At least you will be able to keep your nose.

Sorry about your stress. I am no doctor, but we have been vegetarians for 30 years. I was vegetarian two years before my husband became one. I tried to talk him into it, but it was a no go. Until he got high blood pressure due to his stressful job.

The doctor said he would be on medication the rest of his life. It was time to make my move.

I feed him raw vegatables, fruit, brown rice, and oatmeal with soymilk (that is before we had that great Soy Silk) for two weeks. Then he ate steamed veggies, fruit, baked postaoes, and beans.

Mind you that that was the the menu. There was no butter, no salt, no nothing of any kind.

His blood pressure went back to normal and because he stuck with it, it is still normal, and we don't even need doctors.

We keep no salt in the house. No butter, not even fake butter. We season with herbs, and we eat one piece of salmon a week.

The rules are, if it comes in a box or a can, we don't eat it (except for whole wheat pasta and plain whole wheat shredded wheat-we put orange juice in our cereal).

We also do 30 minutes of yoga at least once a day.

So, take out the salt lick!

Oh, and we don't eat anything with sugar in it.

Hope the dude gets a job.