Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Music and Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend started with this on my brain:
And ended with this on my brain:

How did I get from Macklemore to Pavarotti? Let's see.

Thursday - The Oldest had a school friend over to work on a project and they requested Thrift Shop on the way home from school. I missed going to the Farmer's Market though.

Friday - Actually kicked complete ass and caught completely up with work. Had an AC guy come out and fix the AC - it was a blown fuse. Worked in the classroom, but really just kind of hung out and did some minor supervision while my co-teacher took the kids through their self portraits. Added to the fair board, and came home. The Boys were with their father this weekend, so I just hung at home, doing laundry, and cleaning the house.

Saturday - Woke up early to the cat biting my face because she was out of food. Tried to write a grocery list, but was completely uninspired given the new dietary constraints. Gave that up and took the dogs to the dog park where Augie spent the entire time either on my lap, or a short lead, and Simon had a complete blast. The reason Augie was constrained is that he is a complete jerk to other dogs, trying to attack them. He did that the last time I took him to the park, and same thing this time. I will continue to expose him to crowds of dogs (in a limited manner), until he reaches a point where he will be mellow. Part of the problem (or maybe the entire problem) seems to be his lack of other dog socialization as a puppy. He adored Duke, he likes my folks' dog, and really loved the puppies, but any others? not so much.
I had a nice visit with my Bestie, and grocery shopped. The boys were home around 8. The temperature hovered in the low 90's all day, the dogs slept most of that and once it cooled down, I decided to bake. Granola and a cauliflower pizza crust had me in bed at 1am.

Sunday - My kids woke me up at 8 with my present and card, and I asked them if I could go back to sleep. I got out of bed at 10:30 and kicked off the late morning with iced coffee as it was already 85 out. A cup of yogurt and granola rounded out my breakfast. I spent some time outside reading, and it was so relaxing. I made some fruit salad, took a shower, packed up the car, with the dogs and headed to my folks for supper. It was pretty mellow, except for Augie attacking my Sister's dog more than a few times. So he had to spend more time in my lap. Simon was running interference between the two the rest of the time. We came home and chilled out the rest of the night. My mom was especially emotional, crying over the church having played Ave Maria, which was also played at her mother's funeral. She requested we not play it at hers. She also cried during grace, and was particularly weepy the entire afternoon / evening. I think she was missing her mom.

And that's how my weekend went from kick ass rhymes to somber Latin.

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