Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

I've been wracking my brain for a Wicked Wednesday post, but I cannot come up with any additional instances where I was completely stupid while also drunk. Sure, there were minor indiscretions, weird proclamations of undying lust after a few drinks, but nothing particularly noteworthy, humorous, or moral inducing.

Damn I have led a fairly safe and boring life to this point. So now, do I come off the hinges, do all that shit I never did? No. I am a mom first and that is my focus, to raise my boys into men. Men who respect people, who are feminists. Men who are not afraid to be exactly who they are, who are proud of themselves and where they come from. Good men with good hearts. The kind of men you want to know, be with, and/or be like.

I know they will have their own wicked Wednesday tales at some point, and I suppose I'm ok with that as long as they learn from those experiences, and do not harm anyone in the process.

It has been a rather maudlin week for me, with no discernible single reason or event to cause such I will save thoughts for tomorrow.

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