Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wild Wednesday - reflections of Mother's Day

On Sunday people gathered across the US to celebrate, remember, and even denounce their mothers. Because I did not have The Boys all weekend, I had some time to reflect on Mothers, Motherhood, and the impacts of all women on a child.

Of course my own mom and I have our issues. I think that is the nature of mother/daughter relationships. When I think back to my childhood, and the influential women during that time, I think of my mother first, my sister second - throughout our shared childhood we were at odds, but now we are happily friends and advisers. She is the reason I wanted to and ultimately did have The Boys. Outside of the two, there are a handful of women I would like to acknowledge:

Aunt Trina - My dad's sister, younger by several years and someone I admired while growing up. She ALWAYS took us to Loard's Ice Cream in her Datsun B210. She went to college. She travelled Europe and started my love of The Little Prince, Babar, and Orangina. She was so worldly, but always had time for me. Today, Trina is a widow and a Neo-Con, so we do not see eye to eye on most issues. As far as I am aware, she is still prop choice, however and I can appreciate that. She has two dogs and god knows how many cats. Her late husband was a dog person, and those dogs survived, and may in fact be the last dogs she ever has. She and I share the cat lady label, though I have been better able to handle just one cat. I am considering a road trip with her this summer, which could be interesting.

Lori - A very vibrant and flamboyant Italian who introduced me to cooking with garlic, and that being myself was just fine with the world. I cannot emphasize enough how important this one thing was for a kid who felt completely out of place in her own family. She also lived her life exactly her way, sleeping until noon and staying up late, had a mildly erotic limerick framed in the living room, and let everyone know that she expected sex on a daily basis. She bought my sister and I a new Christmas ornament every year, a tradition I continue with my own kids. Lori recently had brain surgery due to early symptoms of dementia, but was really a physical issue - she is nearly back to her old fun self, with the infectious and LOUD laugh. I simply cannot wait to have lunch with her.

The women of my street - Judy, Joey, Gail and Yvonne - These were the parents on my street growing up and showed me that everyone raises everyone's kids. It was a cooperative effort on my street with all of these women mothering all of the kids at various times of day or night. I have had to answer to them just as I would my own mother. They have informed how I interact with the children in my own life who I did not birth, nor live with.

I hope you all were able to celebrate in some meaningful way the mothers in your life.

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