Monday, May 20, 2013

Sometime Monday Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend was a blur of activity. All enjoyable, and exhausting.

Friday - spent the entire day (11 hours) on a field trip with The Youngest to our state Capitol. We began our journey at 7:10 am headed to school. I dropped off 4 students and one teacher at the train station with the rest of the class, and drove the 90 more minutes to the Railroad Museum. Following our tour, we piled in cars and headed to the Capitol where we wandered the senate and assembly galleries. We had lunch prior to our time in Sutter Fort, and ended our day at the Indian Museum and a 2+ hour drive back in traffic. Home at 6:10 pm. The kids love this trip, and frankly I do as well, but all 4 places in one day made me so tired.

Saturday - slept in. Started laundry. Grocery shopped. Took the puppy to the dog park. Chilled at home until we took off at 4:30 for the A's game. The Boys had a blast. Except for 3 innings in line for 3 different foods, so did I. There was a Star Trek themed fireworks show after the game, putting us home after 11.

Sunday - more laundry. Cleaning too. Got The Boys showered and dressed in time for a friend's birthday party where they had fun, and I drank Proseco. This is one of their friends from school (the multi-age program) and she had a fairy princess 7th birthday party theme, which was very cool, but I wasn't sure the 12 and 10 year old boys would want to go. They did, and had a blast. The moms of the other little girls want to hire the 12 year old to come over and entertain at their kid parties. He does enjoy getting everyone dressed up in costume and putting on plays. He knows some magic, and would do really well at it. Thoughts for college fund building! The X picked them up and I stayed and visited until around 9. Came home, played with the dogs and went to bed.

O.K., so it didn't take as long to type as I thought, but it seemed like way more activity than it took to write.

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