Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

Maudlin thoughts going into the weekend.

Friday - Spent most of the day out of the house. District meeting, PFC meeting and teaching art - picture of the art project tomorrow. The day was HOT for early May, in the 90's and I was outside all afternoon. Spent time texting with The Dude about The Oldest's grades. The Dude does not have any further ideas for how to help, and I am doing everything I can think of, and have found to help him be more organized. He clearly knows the material, and gets good grades on quizzes and tests, but cannot for the life of him turn in stuff on time, and with his name, and meeting the criteria. He can usually hit one or two of those, but has a very difficult time hitting all three. We are currently using a checklist to see if that helps. Also, he will be taking a class over the summer to help with organizational skills. Friday night The Boys did most of their homework and then watched TV, which they haven't been able to do because of the homework load.

Saturday - The Youngest had a birthday party to attend - all day in Berkeley, including Adventure Playground, which I have written about and photographed over the course of years. While he was there, The Oldest and I attended The Ex's Grandmother's 90th birthday party. It was ok. A bit weird being there with the girlfriend and her kids, and a bunch of family that did not know we had split up. I did get the opportunity to see many people I hadn't in years, and catch up a bit with what they are up to. Also got to finally connect with a couple I'd been meaning to for a while and invite them to a few things in the town we share.

Sunday - The Boys finished homework and extra credit. I finished laundry, changed linens, built and erected an arbor in the back yard, grocery shopped, and received a threatening letter from my "neighbors" demanding I essentially keep my dogs in the house 24/7. The first letter ( a year ago), also threatening, stated that quiet hours were 10pm - 10am. Second letter (about 6 months ago), also threatening, stated they work from home and don't want the dogs out while they are working, or while they are trying to sleep in on weekends... This was more of the same. I felt harassed and bullied. Totally stressed me out having to think that I may need to move. Also do not have the $$$$ to move, nor can I afford anything even remotely similar to what I did or do have. What I need is a house, with enough bedrooms for us all, and a nice large yard for the dogs. I would not qualify for a loan in my current financial state of attempting to dig out from under this mess. Everything for rent that meets those criteria is either half my take home pay per month, OR so far away, that I would not be able to keep the kids in this school district. I am feeling stuck again.

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