Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Due to the extended weekend in the US, I am publishing a combo Tuesday Post.

Let's begin with Thursday - my weekend, I decide when and how to start.
I posted on Wednesday night about the funeral I was planning on attending on Thursday. I gave The Boys the option of attending or not. They both chose to go and support their friends. There were five times more people than the old church could hold and people were rotated in and out to allow visitation and final good byes. The Oldest wanted to go in with me and see the body. I do not look at dead bodies. I know the souls of these people are no longer inhabiting the bodies, so I do not feel the need to address the shell. Also I was too young when I attended my first funeral and seeing a dead body was not what I should have done. As it was, when The Oldest and I walked in was at the same time the widow was saying her final goodbye before they closed the casket. Heart wrenching. I barely kept my shit together. Seeing the 6th grade girls surrounding their friend in support broke my heart. No child should have to go through this. Of the children supporting, one lost her mother a year ago under weird circumstances. I hope the two of them are able to process and come out the other side healed. The Oldest hugged his friends and we left. One of my dear friends and an inspiration to me was coming back in and looked like she hadn't slept in a week (she probably hadn't). I had a few words with her and left teary eyed. Same night was open house at The Youngest's school. That put us home after 8pm and The Oldest spent until 10:30 completing his homework.

Friday - Morning after late night homework was stressful, and full of meltdowns. Let me just say that a 12 year old who is over 5'6" and weighs more than 150 pounds is not a fun prospect when meltdowns happen. Worked in the morning getting caught up on work stuff. In the afternoon I was in the classroom working on Father's Day gifts with the 4th and 5th graders. Went grocery shopping and finished most of the laundry in preparation for The Youngest having a friend over for a swim party on Saturday. My second time at a new organic market and the prices are too high. There is another, closer market that has much of the same items at a fraction of the cost. I'd written off the first shopping trip to purchasing stuff I didn't buy every week, but this week was the usual, and twice what I pay at the other market. Did pick up some gluten free pizza crusts which we tried for dinner. The boys determined the crust baked on the pizza stone was superior to the one on a cookie sheet - I couldn't tell the difference... I made sangria and jello shots in preparation for the swim party.

Saturday - It was pretty chilly when we woke up and the wind had already started, so the swimming was cancelled in favor of just hanging out and playing. The morning was cleaning bathrooms and finishing laundry while The Boys cleaned their room and fought over minecraft, which was subsequently taken away. Felt like I was completing stuff and things were neater and more tidy than they have been in a while. The Youngest's friend came over and they played and laughed and giggled and annoyed The Oldest who in turn was following them around making kissy noises, as the friend is a girl. In fact, The Youngest has stated he want a pool party with the 4th grade girls this summer - not the boys, just the girls. I raised my eyebrows, but said ok. I suspect the fathers of the 4th grade girls may have a differing comfort level. Quiet night at home - The Boys watched a movie while I read.

Sunday - Took Simon to the dog park after breakfast and let him run around for a while. Did some dishes and got ready for Sis' birthday dinner at my folks'. Had to practically bribe The Boys into showering beforehand. Dinner was fun with The Nephews making my laugh, which I seriously needed after mediating my parents' increasingly hostile interactions. Having sangria and jello shots helped too.

Monday - planned on attending the art & wind festival with a friend, but by the time we got moving it was starting to rain. Rented movies, snacked in front of the fire and drank hot buttered rums. It was perfect, and she cooked me dinner too! Having woken up with a sore throat, and thinking it allergies - it only got worse over the course of the day. Had to leave before the ending of the final movie because The Ex didn't bother to tell me when he was bringing The Boys back, and sent text from in front of my house.

No pics this weekend. Hoping I'm not actually sick. My nose is running like a faucet and simultaneously draining down my throat. Not sure how I'll be able to sleep like this. Worth a shot I suppose.

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