Monday, March 9, 2009

I now also have a 6 year old

Today is my youngest's 6th birthday. He told me this morning that he is not my Pumpkin Pie anymore (the nickname adopted from his brother, and altered from Pumpkin because he's just more than that). He's growing up now. If he only knew! I woke him up singing to him a happy birthday song, and continued the theme all the way to school. Here he is at birth - all 13 pound of him as a newborn:

And this morning during breakfast - how can you not love that face!

We had quite the roller coaster of an afternoon! Their friend came over to work on the science fair project. The one I have not found time to pull info on for them. So I was rushing to pull stuff from the Internet and highlight the bits they should read, and the friend arrived screaming! He'd slammed his thumb in the car door, and it was bleeding pretty profusely. It took a while just to get him calmed down, and I thought his mom was going to need Valium! In my house bruising, lumpy heads and the scrapes and cuts of boyhood are not even newsworthy. I've had my nose broken 3 times by the boys always with lots of blood, some cursing, and ice packs followed by Motrin. They've thankfully not broken any bones, but plenty of "let's see what happens when I jump off the couch, and try to clear the coffee table!" mishaps have ensued.

Then The Dude came home with the youngest's present - some Lego Star Wars monstrosity that he has been begging for since Christmas, and he HAD to have Yoda put together immediately. By the time the friend went home (a couple of hours later), it was lost. there were lots of tears, much ado about how the friend took it (possible, but doubtful), and a good 45 minutes of cleaning their room top to bottom in search of a Lego figure that measures no taller than 1.5". We never did find it, and now I have that figure on the way here thanks to eBay and pay pal. At least Plankton from Sponge Bob isn't his favorite, as that is only one Lego big. Of course, I found both of the ones we have of HIM!


iasa said...

Happy Birthday! It doesn't get much better than Star Wars Legos.

J9 said...

Thanks Iasa - I had to tear him away from them this morning to get him to school.

MariesImages said...

He was born a toddler, OMG! Your poor wife...
Happy Birthday!!!
They do grow too fast....enjoy every minute!

J9 said...

Marie - I am the poor wife that birthed the boy! And despite The Dude strutting around the maternity ward like he owned the place, it was my hard work getting that kid out!

MariesImages said...

OMG!!! For some reason I thought you were "The Dude"....I don't know why.
;) sorry!!!!!!
I was thinking that MY SON weighed about the same amount of what your son's arm weighed....(my son was born 1 LB 9 oz)
Hope he had a great's should get presents too for having them..Ü
(thats right THEY ARE our presents)

J9 said...

Marie - that's funny,I sometimes type as a dude, so I didn't really take offense ;-)

And 1lb 9oz - such a little guy! My boys do bring me every emotion on the planet, and sometimes all in one day!

Patty said...

Cute kid!

J9 said...

Thanks Patty, I think he's pretty cute too!