Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Town Shoot Out - Update!

I live in Dublin. This is a bedroom community with no defined downtown, so there is a boatload of homes to select from. There are the bungalows, and the McMansions, and none are all that interesting. I could not get even remotely excited about shooting a bunch of track homes, and 2 million dollar houses that are packed on top of one another. I don't even think we have so much as a trailer park! The oldest houses are 40 years or so, and all seem to look alike. I think I should have just gotten out and driven around, but I seriously was running the kids all over all week! hmmm - looking forward to next week and the graveyards, but I'm a bit sick in the head that way!


This image is of a typical bungalow near my home, and similar to my home in floor plan. I like this house because it sits across the street from the High School, and is a really bright shade of blue, while the surrounding homes are far more subtle.

This home is another bungalow in another area of town - on a bit of a hill and in a bit of a higher price range.This is a view from the higher priced houses on my end of town, and below it, one of the homes in that neighborhood. My town stretches out to the right of what you can see below.
This is one of the apartment complexes in my town. I lived here in the early 90's in a one bedroom unit. I always liked the "lakes" that brought waterfowl to visit during migration.

A newer condominium/apartment complex, in a redeveloped area that used to be an underused parking lot.
Below is part of an adult community (which is for residents over the age of 50. There are single detached homes, an apartment complex, and the garden condos you see here.


HalfCrazy said...

Hahaha, it's funny that you posted birdhouses! The way you described it, it seems awesome, like I want to see Dublin! :P

J9 said...

All right half crazy - I'll go out in the morning (when I'm already scheduled to shoot some other things), and see if I can get what I think are boring houses!

GingerV said...

J9, this is great.... I had the same problem and added the house of bird houses... actually still is interesting cause it points out the differences in your home town.... and that is the point. YES?

Patty said...

Well, you tried, and that counts for something.

I like the way you shot the bird house.

Sarah-Paige said...

That is a neat picture :)
I had the same problem on my island, they all look the same; leaking roof, trailer in the front yard and junk strewn !
Hope you find some time for yourself !!!

Ed said...

Hmmm, you live in Cali right???
I found a way to open your blog, YIPPEEE!!!

Butler and Bagman said...

Quality not quantity! Great picture of some very influential housing!

J9 said...

GingerV - I agree, and I did go out and shoot this weekend - will be updating probably tomorrow.

Patty - I still feel bad that I didn't participate, so I'm posting an update tomorrow.

Sarah-Paige - ah, that is always the difficulty, finding time for myself!

Ed - yep California girl through and through! And what on earth did you do to make it work?

Butler and Bagman - thanks, and I'll get to the rest of it tomorrow!

Barry said...

Well I like the bird house.

I was out shooting graveyard pictures this weekend and discovered they too, have their own problem: quantity. I took so many great shots and can't used them all!

So watch out for next week! Its scary!

J9 said...

Barry, I suppose graveyards woul dhav ebeen good for a Friday the 13th, or Halloween!