Monday, March 2, 2009

Love Dare Day 4

Today's dare is:

Contact your spouse sometime during the business of the day. Have no agenda other than asking how he or she is doing and if there is anything you could do for them.

This may or may not work. I'm working from home today, and I think The Dude isn't working at all today because of the rain. We'll see if I can catch him out on an errand to be able to call him on the phone instead of just walking in the other room to talk to him.

I've been trying to leave the house to photograph bird houses and churches, but the rain has been in a nearly constant downpour. I did make it out on errands yesterday, including shower caps to protect my camera in this weather. Now I just need a break in my work schedule... I know what birdhouses I want to shoot, as well as what churches. If the weather was better I was going to do a whole "World Religions" in photographic form, but I think I'll stick with what is nearby.

So I did get the opportunity to call The Dude, and I asked how his day was going - he had decided to go work on the contracting job he's in the middle of, and spent a few minutes telling me what he was working on. I asked if he had a request for dinner, and he said if I could take the boys to Tae Kwon Do, and leave him instructions, he would cook dinner. I also asked if there was anything he would like for me to do, since I'm at home, and he remarked that I was being especially attentive today, and called me a dork because I've been taking care of the morning dishes before he gets the chance. I told him that while I'm here, I might as well take care of those sorts of things, to which he replied that it isn't my sole responsibility. And THAT is the very FIRST time he has EVER recognized that fact. Or at least the first time he proactively voiced it instead of taking advantage of my generosity. There may be something to this after all!
The rest of the afternoon was taken up with play dates, Tae Kwon Do, and rain. The Dude made Meatloaf and potatoes, and I mashed them when I came home. The boys were able to try out the fizzy bath egg things, and loved them. The grape smells,like Grape Kool-aid, and the Orange didn't smell as strong of Cotton Candy. The dinosaurs that emerged are cute and small enough to fit in the drain...


tangobaby said...

That's a lovely dare. You inspired me to call my Boy, and of course I went directly into voicemail. Do you get points for trying?

Aren't you glad it stopped raining? Now you can take your photos.

J9 said...

Touy do get points for trying, and I can't get out and shoot because the next 3 days are actually full of work and kid stuff. I'm going to try and get the kids out this afternoon to the birdhouses, as those are due tomorrow.