Monday, March 2, 2009

Love Dare Day 3

Today is day 3 and today's dare is:

"What you invest your time and money into will determine what you have chosen to love. Your heart will be inclined to what you invest in. Today, buy something unexpected for your spouse as a way of showing them that they are what you value most."

So I have to figure out what I can get The Dude that won't put me under financially - he needs a car, but I just can't swing that right now with my uncertain employment future.

OK, so I went with something small that I KNOW he likes - Candy Corn. I know, a bit out of season and weird, but that's the point. I saw it and thought of him, not of Halloween, or the dentist, but of him. Now. In March.

I even wrote a note on the bag that said, "Saw this and thought of you". When he saw it he responded with, "So someone bought gum drops today?", to which I replied, "no, I just bought those for you." I think he was surprised because I would usually buy him candy only if I also bought myself some.

I didn't let him know, but I also picked up some bath fizzy stuff for the boys that fizzes down to reveal a dinosaur. Cute idea but gross kid smells of grape, melon and cotton candy. The boys were excited to take baths tonight though. I got directly into my pajamas when The Dude left for class tonight, completely forgetting that it is Dr. Seuss' birthday, and the boys school celebrates by gathering in the cafeteria, sitting on the floor to read his books, sing happy birthday, win a book in a raffle, and have birthday cake. We went last year, and the boys had fun tonight too. I now have 5 copies of "If You Give A Pig A Pancake" because the boys picked up 3 to add to the 2 I already have. Thankfully, the youngest also picked up a robot book. The 3 new books will be dontated to a Preschool, so all is good.

Today was the least frugal day of my year. I had to buy a wheel to replace the one destroyed on our return from Mardi Gras. Today was also the first day to register the boys for swim team, and the oldest for drama. Luckily, the soccer on-line registration was down, or I would have registered the youngest for that as well. I'll have to try again tomorrow.


Iasa said...

Wow, The Dude is making out o far in the Love Dare. Hope there is a little self love later in the process.

That doesn't sound quite right does it?

J9 said...

HAHHAHAHA It sounds exactly about right!

Barry said...

I like this dare. Now what can I buy Linda that costs less than a car.

Why, just about everything except a house!

Although I like the candy idea (maybe she'll share) :)

J9 said...

Barry - The Dude did share the candy because he's nice like that.