Monday, March 23, 2009

Tableau Tuesday #2 and Weekend Wrap Up

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This was another busy weekend. Opening day for little league was Saturday, with the ceremony at 11:45, and the Youngest's first game at 3:30. I had an appointment to get my lip waxed at 10:00, and shot photos for about an hour. Between opening ceremony and the game I went grocery shopping, while The Dude took The Boys to lunch. The first game of the season found the Youngest on the bench. They only played one inning before torrential downpour and hail caused the game to be called. We also had dinner with friends, and I felt like I was intruding on their family dinner. I still feel bad, as I had not realized that we would be the only ones not a part of their family. It was a dinner to welcome their oldest son back on Spring break from the Naval Academy. During appetizers, The Dude and I had a fight, which had been building up for about a week. I said something horribly disrespectful, and he flew off the handle. We didn't talk the rest of the night.

Sunday, I finished the laundry, and did NOTHING else. I needed some down time. Oh, and by nothing I mean, I cleaned the kitchen and dicked around on the Internet, and watched "Hanna Montana" and "The Suite Life On Deck", and took the boys out scooter riding. But I normally would have done all of that, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms, the playroom/office and the boys room, and done some work on the yard, so really it was far more relaxing than normal.


Patty said...

Tell the Dude to get over it.

Nice shots. It is almost softball season here. Guess who gets to cover opening day? I enjoy sports like I enjoy a trip to the dentist. I like the people, though. And the kids are just great.

If I knew what the heck they were doing with all those different kinds of balls, it might help. But I have refused to learn.

I just go to the tried and true rule I was taught in the 80's by a yelling sports editor, "Make sure you get a ball in that photo!"

iasa said...

Hope things settle a bit for you this week.

J9 said...

Patty - he seems to be over it now, so all is ok. I had some shots of the game, I just wasn't happy with them - and I updated my town shoot out from Friday.

Iasa - Thanks, it seems to be calmer today so we'll see how the rest of the week plays out.