Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was VERY busy! Friday afternoon found us at the house, finishing the science fair project with the boys and a friend. They did the evolution of stuffed animals, and it turned out pretty cute! The Geez stopped by for a bit during this time, and The Dude wasn't here, so he left. Spent 3 hours fixing some malware on my folk's computer while The Dude and The Boys went to dinner at one of The Dude's Bro's homes with another brother, and The Geez.

Saturday Morning was the St. Patrick's Parade which The Boys were in, followed by the festival. It was so cold that I felt worse after being there than I had after going to the snow! We walked around, ate junk food, saw a bunch of people we know, and took in a blacksmith show, where The Oldest won a salt spoon made from an iron nail. It was a pretty cool show, and I'd recommend it if you see them about at a festival. The story we heard was the "No Weak Links", and it was very entertaining!

Sunday was The Youngest's Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese's. All the kids had fun, and even my nephews, who are 11 and 9 looked like they were having a good time amidst all the little kids! The Youngest got a bunch of cool toys and they've opened most, but I'm holding back a few for a week or so from now, or they'll never even remember about them! Got home, and the neighbors and a friend came over to play for the afternoon. I got to visit with my friend while they all entertained themselves, and we did some planning and brainstorming on how to help the boys' school in this budget nightmare.

Today, I'm pooped!


iasa said...

J9 sit down girl, you are making us underachievers look bad.:)

Patty said...

I feel like that photo sometimes, especially when I have multiple assignments spread all over the county, not to mention deadlines.

J9 said...

Iasa - that's funny! I yearn for a quiet weekend!

Patty - The Dervishes seem to find peace in the spinning, and I am so not there yet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal! Love the photos :)

J9 said...

Thanks Krissy!